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Project and technical management

Management of railway and other transport projects is almost by definition a multidisciplinary activity.  As well as the core engineering disciplines, there are inevitably interfaces with other transport modes and non-transport disciplines.  


We are used to leading and working with multidisciplinary teams, acting as the 'guiding mind' or independent reviewer, and often translating the needs and constraints of engineering teams to the project stakeholders and vice versa.

We combine innovative tools for project management analytics and insight with soft people skills to enable teams to perform effectively and efficiently. Clear and concise reporting in a range of visual formats helps clients and the team to understand progress, and the next steps required for project delivery.

Our Approach

Our approach blends the rigour of good practice project management tools with personal engagement and technical appreciation.  


We have developed several simple but effective project management tools to facilitiate continual 'health checks' of the project and give early warning of emerging issues.   

We take a pragmatic systems approach to managing projects, ensuring that requirements or objectives are agreed at an appropriate level of detail early on and that the project remains focussed on these throughout its development.  

We are able to work with co-located and virtual teams, providing online collaborative solutions if appropriate.


 In many projects, we can take on the technical management, briefing and coordinating technical specialists, providing interpretation of their responses back to the client and stakeholders.

Working with stakeholders, we are alert to the need to both listen to their concerns carefully, and represent the client's position robustly. 

Our Experience

Our Director, Julian Sindall has provided project and technical management services for a wide variety of projects over the last 20 years.  These have included:

  • Railway route alignment feaibility studies in the UK, Europe and Middle East

  • Transport hub concepts

  • Station feasibility studies

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