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Railways are complicated, and consist of a highly interconnected range of disciplines.  Unfortunately, most people in the UK industry have come up through a single-discipline route, and understand little about how their work affects or is affected by other disciplines.


Cadenza cuts through that complexity to help non-specialists understand in plain English what matters and how the interfaces interact.

We can provide training to introduce the railways to people newly recruited into the railway environment, which might include graduates or more seasoned professionals transferring from other industries.

If you've got an idea for training your team, please contact us to talk through what you would like to achieve.​


  • Our Director, Julian Sindall, has delivered lectures for the MSc(Eng) in Rail Systems Engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK (and previously the University of Sheffield, UK) since 2004.​


  • He is also on the Industry Advisory Panel for the Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering department at University College London providing feedback and advice to the department but also providing tutorial assistance to final year MEng students.


  • In 2003-4, Julian was a volunteer lecturer at the Kyrgyz State University for Construction, Technology and Archecture in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  He developed and taught courses in 'Structures Design and Assessment'; 'Business skills' and 'Study skills'.

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